COLOURVUE Amazo Blacklight Glow Platinum Contact Lenses with Case




Glowing. Create a striking effect under UV light with these Amazo Blacklight Glow Platinum Contact Lenses with Case. These contacts are made to cover the whole sclera and are perfect to make your Amazo or Mystique costume come to life after dark under a blacklight or UV light. In plain light, these contact lenses are just a block colour giving them dual purpose. The contacts come with a case and can be used for up to 90 days if stored as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Item Includes: Pair of Lenses. Lens Case. Fit and Sizing: 1 Size fits all. 22mm in diameter. Please Note: Soft disposable lens. Discard after 90 days. This item is not refundable. These contacts will show up great on dark eyes once under the blacklight.

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