Costume Ideas for Children

Here are ideas for childrens costumes that are popular at childrens parties.  Many children's costumes can be purchased or hired complete with accessories.


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1. Madeline

2. Pirate

3. Racing Car Driver

4. Construction Man

5. Moulin Rouge

6. Magician

7. Princess of the Ball

8. Farm or Cow Girl

9. Train Driver

10. Loonette Costume


Alien Costume
Anakin Skywalker Costume
Arabian Princess Costume
Ariel Costume
Baby Ballerina Costume
Baby Bunny Costume
Baby Mouse Costume
Baby Pumpkin Costume
Baby Teletubbies Costumes
Ballerina Costume
Barney Costume
Belle Dress
Blue Gingham Dress
Blue's Clues Costumes
Buzzing Bee Costume
Cat in the Hat Costumes
Cowboy Costume
Cowgirl Costume
Darth Maul Costume
Easy Rider Baby
Fairy Costume
Franklin Turtle Costume
Hercules Costume
Itsy Bitsy Spider Playsuit
Jane Costume
Jar Jar Binks Costume
Jeff Gordon Driver's Suit
Lil' Leopard
Knights Apparel
Lady Bug Baby Costume
Lil' Berry Costume
Little Princess Costume
Loonette Costume
Madeline Costume
Magician's Apparel
Men in Black Costume
Merlin Cape and Hat
Mushu Costume
Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume
Pirate Attire
Poodle Skirt
Princess Ballgown
Princess Bride Costume
Queen Amidala Costume
Qui-Gon Jinn Costume
Raggedy Ann & Andy Costumes
Robin Hood Costume
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Costume
Safari Attire
Sam I am Costume
Spotted Baby Leopard
The Mask Costume
Thing 2 Costume
Tickle Me Elmo Costume
Tinkerbell Costume
Victorian Ballgown

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